Exclusive: 21 Closet Questions with Taryn Manning

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We spent Saturday evening at Bootsy Bellows in Beverly Hills with Genlux Magazine and Taryn Manning celebrating the “Orange is the New Black” star’s Fall 2014 cover.  Unlike her TV persona, the star of the hit Netflix series was pleasant, open-minded and incredibly friendly!

The star’s Nicole Miller #OOTN was picked out specifically for her by associate publisher of Genlux Magazine, Bryna Makowka.  Taryn was slightly under the weather for her cover launch so this outfit was the perfect pick as she said it made her feel “warm and cozy!”

More often than not we talk about celebs and their red carpet trends, but with Taryn we decided to switch it up!  We wanted all the deets on her closet fashion, and personal style picks… so we played a little game called 21 Closet Questions.

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Taryn Manning at the Genlux Magazine Fall 2014 Event

Taryn Manning attends the Genlux Magazine Fall 2014 launch party in West Hollywood, CA.

Photo Credit: Genlux Magazine


Q1:  Describe your style.

Probably Eclectic, sort of Bohemian, and Edgy.

Q2:  If you had to guess how many items you have in your closet (shoes, clothes…) what would that # be?

Geez Louise!  I don’t know!  I’ve never thought of that… probably like 30,000 things!

Q3:  Describe your go-to outfit.

Skinny jeans and a tee.

Q4:  What is your favorite pair of heels?

A pair of wine-colored Louboutins that I’ve had forever!  Really cool.

Q5:  What would you rather?  Stylist or Personal Style Picks?

A mix.  Sometimes a stylist will put me in stuff I wouldn’t normally put myself in, so kind of a mix of both.

Q6:  What is the hottest trend right now?

Prints on Print.

Q7:  Cut-outs, HOT or NOT?


Q8:  Rompers or Crop Tops and High-Waisted Skirts?


Q9:  If you could raid the wardrobe room on the set of “Orange is the New Black” what item/piece would you leave with?

My hoodie.

Q10:  Comfort or Class?


Q11:  Who is your style icon?

Uhmmm Kate Moss.

Q12:  Denim, HOT or NOT?


Q13:  Big Bags or Clutches?

Big Bags.

Q14:  Neon or Neutral?


Q15:  How do you organize your closet?

Amazing!  I organize by color, pictures are on my shoeboxes, and I use velvet hangers so nothing slips off.

Q16:  Where do you prefer to shop?  Online, the mall, a boutique or abroad?


Q17:  Most of my clothes are from…

The thrift store.

Q18:  Dress up or Dress down?

Dress down.

Q19:  My dream closet would have…

It would just have anything that you could ever want.  Everything at the tip of my fingers!

Q20:  To donate or not to donate clothes?


Q21:  To match or color-block?


And there you have it!  21 Closet Questions from inmate “Pennsatucky.”  Now do you feel as though you’ve been inside this MAJOR walk-in closet?  I mean “30,000 things” are in there, so it must be pretty GINORMOUS!!

Make sure to grab a copy of the Fall 2014 issue of Genlux Magazine featuring Taryn Manning out now.   Did you catch Taryn on the carpet?  Did she nail the monochromatic trend?  We are loving her style, especially that pop of color with her lips and heels!

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