Adam Lambert Wears Muppet Hat

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Adam Lambert has a thing for Muppets.  Adam showed up at the Marco Marco: Collection Three Runway Presentation in Los Angeles looking very fashionable in a Muppet-inspired hat.  You’ll understand what we mean when you hear Red Carpet 101′s Gabrielle Loren interview him on the red carpet!  It’s nice to see celebrities with a good sense of humor!

Adam Lambert rocks his Muppet hat at the Marco Marco: Collection Three Runway Presentation in Los Angeles.

Adam Lambert at Marco Marco

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  • lovetheusa1776

    lol – even in a “muppet” hat he look smashing -

  • KarenCon

    I think perhaps MuppetSkin Hat would have been more accurate here. You don’t call a snake-skin hat a Snake Hat ;)

  • Jane

    LOL Muppet hat by way of Janice. RIP Janice. :(

  • Bradley

    Oh, Felt! Now, I get it. Totally went over my head when I first saw it. I’m a little slow, lol. Love everything Adam!

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