#FANGIRLFRIDAY: Celebrity Restaurant Hangouts

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After reading an article about one celeb’s “restaurant crush,” I got to thinking about my very own admiration for dining out. Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats a cozy night in. But on the other hand, running into Johnny Depp at your local bar isn’t so bad either. Check out my celebrity restaurant hangout crushes, that just so happen to share affairs with some super cool Hollywood A-listers.
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Eveleigh has quickly become my Hollywood version of Cheers. Genius drinks, amazing ambiance, and the bartenders just so happen to be my real life friends. And I’m not the only fan- Camilla Belle (pictured above) attended an H&M sponsored event earlier this year, and Pharrell rented out the same space for a star-studded dinner party this past Oscars Eve.

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