Chrissy Teigen and Her Hair Extensions

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Just when you thought Chrissy Teigen couldn’t get more beautiful, last night she got hair extensions! She showed them off proudly on Instagram shouting: “Oh my god I did it. #extentionslife #iamaboutthislife thank you @priscillavalles @giannandrea1!” while the rest of us went Oooooooooo and Ahhhhhhhh with delight and wondered if hair extensions could be just the thing to make us look like a supermodel too.

What do you think about Chrissy Teigen and her hair extensions in the her selfie below?

Just in case you forgot what she looked like without them. Here are a couple before photos…

We know she loves to cook, do you think her newly long and flowing extensions will crimp her style in the kitchen?

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