Golden Globes Arm Candy: Liev Schreiber

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Naomi Watts had the best accessory at the Golden Globe Awards – arm candy in the shape of her main squeeze Liev Schreiber. The duo made the cutest couple on the Golden Globes red carpet last night. In case you missed them, check out their cuddly photo and some facts about the pair.


  • Liev is pronounced Lee-ev.
  • “People always pronounce it Leave. I walk into a casting person’s office and the first thing I usually hear is ‘Leave!’”
  • Grew up watching silent and black & white films a la Charlie Chaplin, his mother said no to color movies.
  • He is tall for an actor at 6’3″.


  • Naomi made the first move when she first met Liev saying: “Don’t you want my digits?” (And this makes us adore her even more!)
  • She feels the acting roles she is being offered only get better with age.
  • “Everyone said I was an overnight success, but it was ten years leading up to that.” – Naomi

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