Holiday Jet Setting Tips

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Ahhh—traveling can be such a beautiful thing. Holiday jet setting around the world (or even just across country) stuck in the same outfit? Not always so glamorous. Celebrities have somehow mastered the artful ability to consistently look post-flight pretty. Want to get the look? Here are our best tips to looking fresh off the runway when you are, well, fresh off the runway.

Has Miranda Kerr ever fallen short of looking perfect? We didn’t think so either. The Aussie looks sophisticated and [more importantly] comfortable as she makes her way out of the airport. Expert tip: while traveling, aim for flat shoes. Keep in mind that you’ll be wearing your shoes for the entire duration of the flight and while walking around the airport. By keeping your feet from tiring early, you’ll be ready to explore your new destination.

Miranda Kerr Arrives At JFK Airport

Photo credit: © Curtis Means/Ace Pictures/

A worldly woman and busy mom of six, we trust that Angelina Jolie knows a thing or two about traveling in style. Through her many years of experience, Angie has seemingly unlocked the secret to looking understated-chic. And there is only one color that could create such perfection…black.

Brad, Angelina and Family Arrive in Tokyo

Photo credit: © Junko Kimura/Jana Press/

At first sight, Heidi Klum’s airport attire looks a little hardcore, but the supermodel knows better than to compromise comfort for style. At closer inspection, Heidi is wearing soft camo leggings and a semi-sheer top, paired with a black leather jacket. Expert tip: layer fabrics (e.g. sheer with chunky) to allow for changing plane temps.

Heidi Klum at Heathrow Airport

Photo credit: © Planet Photos/

A-list accessory checklist:

  • Sunglasses
  • Headphones
  • Over-the-shoulder bag
  • Scarf (for your hair and/or shoulders)
  • Moisturizer



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