How to Pack Light for a Winter Weekender

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We all love a good vacation. Moreover, we all need a good vacation. Fortunately, the holidays are just around the chilly corner and we’ve got you covered (literally) for your hopeful weekend getaway. We’re taking note from our favorite supermodels and helping you pack the essentials…and maybe even that super cute new tote.

Karlie Kloss is wooly cool. No, seriously, we love the super stylish model. Karlie posted this pic on Instagram from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Zurich, Switzerland donning an adorable wool coat. Get the look by finding a semi-fitted breasted jacket that hits just above the knee.

Auf Wiedersehen- Heidi Klum is ready for take-off. The supermodel looked comfortable-chic en route to her home country of Germany. Heidi just about checked off every item on our “Ready for Takeoff” checklist. Sunglasses? Check. Passport? Check. Layers? Check. She even packed our first weekender essential, the long coat. Bravo, Heidi!

If this photo doesn’t make you want to catch a flight to Salt Lake City, pick up a used library book, and read aside a toasty fire, I don’t know what would. Leggings, as worn here by model Hilary Rhoda, cover the bases (and your legs) as far as packing light and staying warm.




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