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Have you seen Australian fitness phenom and owner of Bikini Body Kayla Itsines’ abs? Who could miss them?!

What we love about Kayla is that she is all about hard work and not the quickly fleeting fix. She has a huge Instagram following to vouch for her approach to fitness too. Check out #bbg (Bikini Body Guide) to see why everyone loves Kayla.

Our photo of the day features Kayla Itsines abs doing what they do best. Posing for the camera.

Kayla wrote on her Instagram post: “A lot of girls comment on the amazing tummy change in the girls that do my guides. They say “what ab exercises do you make them do!!”. Check out this photo of me for a second. This is me jumping backwards to do a push up. As SOON as my feet hit the ground, I lower myself into a push up WITHOUT sinking my hips downwards. This takes a lot of core control to do!. Take note, this would not be considered an ‘AB exercise’, it would be called a push up or half burpee.

Now check out my abs in this photo, they are definitely being worked out!✅ My training consists of a few things. Body weight plyo training (jump training), resistance training with handheld weights AND cardio… which is fast walking most of the time (until weeks 9-12 and then it’s HIIT for abit). It is not a guide to ABS. It is a guide to a healthy, lean, fit and strong body! Yes, there are ab sessions in the guides, BUT you can ask any of the #bbg girls and they will tell you that those sessions have a lot of fast moving exercises in them aswell.

My point is, you are not going to get abs just doing abs. You are going to see your abs when you lower your body fat percentage, NOT your weight, your body fat AND doing exercises that engage your core muscles! Like this example in the photo.”


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