Runway Model Makeup 101

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Get supermodel gorgeous this holiday season with these tips inspired by the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Step 1: Prior to applying any product, prep skin by exfoliating. A clean palate will ease application and leave skin feeling (and looking) flawless.

Step 2: Moisturize + prime. Consider skin cream and daily primer your true makeup foundation. Select a lotion that locks in moisture and leaves a dewy base. Next, apply a silicon-based makeup primer to provide long lasting coverage.

Step 3: Conceal + set foundation. Using colors that are appropriate for your natural skin tone, apply a medium coverage foundation that allows your skin to breath. Your foundation should leave you glowing, not veiled!

Step 4: Highlight and contour. If you are not familiar with this beauty technique, check out one of the many online tutorials that help you achieve this look. Highlighting and contouring  will quickly transform the appearance of your bone structure, creating a model-esque illusion.

Step 5: All about the eyes. Take a few minutes to groom your eyebrows. Define the brow by using a pencil to fill in hairs and finish by creating a subtle arch. Add lengthy mascara and craft a gentle brown smoky eye for a sexy, natural look.

Step 6: To complete the look, polish your pout with a nude or blush-pink gloss.

Caution: Using these tips may cause heads to turn.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Photo credit: © Sonia Moskowitz/Globe Photos/

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