Taylor Swift Had the Most American 4th of July…Like, Ever.

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In the wake of America’s birthday we’re seeing lots of stars (celebs on Instagram) and tons of stripes (compliments of J.Crew.) If you, too, are experiencing a total America hangover, we’ve got your quintessential morning-after photos…starring the most American of girls, Taylor Swift.


Photo Credit: @taylorswift

Taylor kicked off the holiday weekend with the most epic American flag cake. Currently adding “Bake with Taylor Swift” to my bucket list.


Photo Credit: @taylorswift

Leave it to Taylor Swift to take a rainy day and see the bright slide…uh hem, side. Every thunderstorm should be a prelude to a slip’n’slide party. Just sayin.


Photo Credit: @odeyarush1

When Taylor wrote the song Sparks Fly, she was probably talking about a flirty romance. But in the spirit of Independence Day, let’s pretend she was referring to pretty sparklers.


Photo Credit: @taylorswift

Well, it wouldn’t be a true American holiday without a semi-skinny seaside dip. Don’t mind the lighthouse in the background. Actually, mind it…it’s pretty great.


Photo Credit: @taylorswift

…and then she baked some more. This time, Apple pie. Why? Because America.


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