Denim Trends You Should Definitely Embrace

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Denim trends have been coming and going since the 1960′s (although basic jeans went semi-mainstream in the 1940′s when American WWII soldiers started wearing them off duty). Denim is one of those cool fabrics that can be worn by women and men, all shapes and sizes, dressed up or down. Heck many companies have coined the term “Jeans Okay Day” meaning it’s Casual Friday and totally cool to rock your denim duds.  Fun facts about the history of denim can be found at the Denim Blog. And just so you know ‘jeans’ actually comes from the French phrase ‘bleu de Genes’ from back in the 1500′s- of course one of our favorite fashion trends comes from France.

Here are our favorite denim trends you should definitely embrace today if you haven’t already!

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The Denim Jacket

Moto Oversized Denim Jacket – pair with just about anything, even more denim

Topshop Moto Oversized Denim Jacket

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