Farewell to Mad Men

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The Television Academy presented A Farewell to Mad Men at The Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood to celebrate the end of the Mad Men era prior to the show’s highly anticipated finale. Television Academy members and their guests enjoyed an insightful and retrospective event that included one-on-one discussions with Matthew Weiner and Jon Hamm, and panel discussions with the cast and creative team of the Emmy® award-winning AMC series.

Christina Hendricks

Photo Credit: Invision for Television Academy/AP Images

Photo Credit: Invision for Television Academy/AP Images

Some of the highlights from the panel included:

o During his one-on-one discussion with moderator Debra Birnbaum, Jon Hamm gushed over his experience with Mad Men, stating, “I hope to get another experience that comes anywhere near this one in a professional capacity.”

o Jon Hamm reflected on the growth of Kiernan Shipka both on and off-screen and joked that “teenage girls are impossible to deal with.”

o Christina Hendricks expressed gratitude to Matthew Weiner for the opportunity to play the role of Joan Harris stating, “I can’t even remember how many thank you texts I sent to Matt!”

o When asked about fan theories regarding what to expect in the finale, Jessica Paré stated “I learn more about the fans when I hear their theories than I do about the actual show.”

o When asked for the meaning of the show’s title credits, Matthew Weiner quickly replied that they mean “nothing.”

o To Matthew Weiner, what the show does best is depict real human emotion. Weiner noted that the show provides “a chance to speak taboos that are the truth.”

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