Killer Celebrity Halloween Costumes

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Did you dress up last night and party like a rock star? Or stay in and hope cute kids would come to your door dressed up as their favorite animal or character? Some of our favorite celebs on Instagram took to the streets and party scene donning some killer celebrity Halloween costumes.

Brittany Snow as a “modest” mouse. Creative and cute!

Annie (aka Sarah Hyland) and Miss Hannigan

Jai Rodriguez IS glam rock.

Nicole Richie and her cuties

Adam Lambert howling at the moon en route to a party. (Do you think he won for best makeup?!)

Garth & Kat costumes – oh yessss Grasie Mercedes.

Keltie Knight ay ay

Lauren and Aaron Paul did the super hot and scary skeleton thing.

Aaron Paul

It’s Lloyd and Harry! Or is it Jesse Tyler?!

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