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I recently caught up with the founders of fashion tech start up Pin & Tucker - Anthula Nunes and Tracie Wagman – to discuss how their company is saving the world (namely your closet!) one second opinion at a time. Let me just say these two are a perfect pair and doing very cool things to change the way we make fashion purchases. Read on to learn more about this dynamic duo.

How did the two of you meet and start working together?

We had a mutual friend for the past 20 years who kept saying we just had to meet. So one day we FINALLY met and it was instantaneous love. The love fest has made it really easy to work together on something we are both so passionate about.

I understand you describe the day you came up with Pin & Tucker as “Epiphany Meets Eureka”. Tell me about that day…

We absolutely love shopping, but we also run companies including retail chains of all sizes. While we came up with the concept from the personal standpoint as a shopper, don’t trust the sales people, this is what is happening as people shop and helping retailers.

What does the name mean?

It is a play on bibs and tuckers which were pieces of clothing that women wore in the 1700s.

What separates Pin & Tucker from other fashion apps?

Others are about discovery and curation through e-commerce like price checking. Behavior is changing and people are seeking guidance on what they buy. We are trying to help align the interests of brick and mortar businesses by putting the user in control of how they interact. The retailer knowing your preferences – like are you more deal focused or look book driven – delivers a more intimate shopping experience. No more marketing AT you.

Who is using your app? How are they responding to the concept?

Our users tend to skew female between 15-30 years of age. They are the selfie generation who love to crowdsource their shopping experience. But we have also attracted guys and women outside of that demographic too!

People generally don’t trust the sales people to give them an honest answer when they ask “how do I look?” so we meet our users in the dressing room to offer them the advice they are seeking from a trusted source. We are helping people shop wisely and giving retailers a way to connect with people in a way that resonates.

Retailers are really excited about us. We are getting GREAT feedback.

Tell us about your collaboration with fashion school Parsons Paris.

We wanted to give up and coming designers a chance to share their work with a larger market. Pin & Tucker offered them a great way to be seen with an audience that wouldn’t otherwise know about them.

How much money do you think you have wasted on poor clothing purchases over the years?

We are embarrased to say… it has to be in the 10s of thousands each!

I have 200 pairs of shoes and Anthula curated my closet and got rid of 40% of it. That is a crazy amount of bad purchases!

We understand that styles evolve and that you may never use 100% of your closet, but we hope to help people steer clear of the trendy (it sat in my closet for years with the tag on it) purchase that doesn’t complement their wardrobe.

How cool would it be to determine how much cash you have saved your users?

Turns out they love this idea! We hope to see this cool feature in the app someday…

What is your best dressing room tip?

Fit fit fit! Know that you can always tailor it. Don’t buy something too small, buy it bigger and then tailor for a perfect fit.

What does the future of Pin & Tucker look like?

We are looking at global partnerships with retailers and brands. We plan to be THE app that everyone knows to use when they are shopping. Like second nature.

(Mum is the word on the brands they courting, but we hope to see some of our favorites featured.)

What inspires you to keep moving forward every day?

We feel so passionate about this. Quitting is not an option. We know we can make this happen.

About Pin & Tucker: 

Pin & Tucker is a fun new social and shopping app that basically takes the guess work out of shopping.  Not only that, it pretty much rids you of any possible buyers remorse you may get after buying those pants or that dress you weren’t quite sure about!

Pin & Tucker gives fashion mavens the ability to build their own social community which helps to ensure they never make a poor clothing purchase again!  The user’s community will vote either “Yes” or “No” instantaneously on how an outfit looks – giving users the confidence to either purchase or put it back on the rack before they even leave the fitting room!

The app allows users to access their contacts on Facebook or Twitter to invite people whose style opinions shoppers admire. They then receive a message noting that you need a little help with your picks in the fitting room and Voila! – a council of your own trusted fashion experts weigh in on your outfit.

Pin & Tucker is brand-agnostic so shoppers receive the benefit of using it at any store, for items of any price-point, at any time they want.  It’s free to download and available for iOS and Android users.

Check it out and let us know what you think about the app in the comments below!

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